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This California City is Covered in Murals

This California City is Covered in Murals

Sacramento Is Embracing Local Artists and the City Is Getting Covered in Murals!


No longer is all street art considered graffiti. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Walls are a necessary and unavoidable part of infrastructure, but there’s no reason why they have to be bare.


The state’s capital is a massive city. Within it, its citizens who have artistic talents are looking to make their city more attractive, as well as display their creativity. And why not? The murals that are covering Sacramento have been attractions in themselves, and most are very instagramable.


Local artists and murals have exploded so much over the last few years that in 2018, the Wide Open Walls mural festival took place over the course of 10 days. Each artist had a different allocated wall to work with as a canvas. Because of this festival, murals are now an even bigger part of Sacramento’s character. The festival will be held again in August 2019. The city will truly be covered!


There are many countless notable local artists who have painted some beautiful and unique murals. All of them can’t be mentioned, but here two favorites:


Maren Comrad:


Maren has done a few murals across the city, and her most notable are the ones above. (Maren is in the 2nd photo.)


Bryan Valenzuela


Bryan has done a lot of artwork, both public and private, in Sacremento. He has one of the most photographed murals.  


Sacramento now has so many murals it’s hard to keep track or mention all of the wonderful artists. The best way to find out who’s done what it a Google search. There are also some mural maps of the city that art enthusiasts have created themselves. This is the best one. Just look at how many dots cover the city!


Though there is nothing like being there in person, here are some more wonderful examples of the murals around Sacramento.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 3.15.37 PM.png

As you can see, some are cool, some are quirky, and some are simply stunning. It’s very exciting to see local talent being utilized so greatly. If you are anywhere near Sacraments, consider spending a morning or afternoon (or day!) roaming around and enjoying these wonderful murals that are growing in numbers! It’s said that now there are 400+.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 3.17.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 3.25.58 PM.png

We are so thankful for Visit Sacramento and Local Roots Food Tours. Because of them we were able to visit this spectacular city and get a play by play on all the amazing art & food initiatives that are going on in this city! Contact them if your interested in more information!

Local Roots Food Tours - 1-800-407-8918

Visit Sacramento - 916-808-7777

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