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This Family is Making the Best Olive Oil in California

This Family is Making the Best Olive Oil in California

Nothing beats eating a burrata tomato salad with fresh balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Or grilled veggies drizzled with a delicious & bright olive oil.


What’s not to love about olive oil? It tastes great, is healthy, and it’s super versatile. Pair it with balsamic vinegar and dip some bread into it, or use it to cook up some fajitas. The possibilities are endless.


However, with olive oil’s spike in popularity, it has started to become mass-produced. This is good because it gives people more access to the healthy oil, but on the other hand, the quality starts to slip and local farmers don’t earn as much.


Supporting California’s farmers is a great way to spread some love! It’s not hard to do, especially when the product you are buying is top-notch. Calivirgin Olive Oil is a prime example.


The olives in Calivirgin’s olive oil are hand-pressed. In fact, every aspect from tree to bottle is handled by family. No preservatives or pesticides are used at all. For the favored olive oils, herbs are crushed in with the olives to give the right balance of taste. There are so many little things like this that make Calivirgin Olive Oil the best. The attention to detail and the passion behind their work helps to make every oil the best you’ve ever tasted.



Some of their favors include: rosemary, basil, lemon, garlic, and blood orange. There are lots more options than just those though!


What’s olive oil without some balsamic vinegar and wine? Calivirgin has paired with Calivines to offer some outstanding wine! Calivirgin also offers premium aged balsamic. You can either buy them separately or have a look at their gift sets.


The online shop is probably the most convenient way to have a taste of Calivirgin’s awesome olive oil. If you buy $100 or more of product from any of their partners (Calivines or Lodi Olive Oil), then you get free shipping.

However, if you have the chance, go to the Calivirgin tasting room! It’s in Lodi, California. There you can test taste to your hearts desire. Don’t want to travel or want a cozier experience? Calivirgin Olive Oil will come to you! They will travel up to 60 miles from Lodi to give a tasting to you and your friends in your home. How cool is that?


Or you can order a tasting set and host it yourself. Especially if you are out of their range but still want to try a variety of their products.


There are countless ways to get your hands on Calivirgin olive oil and make it your new kitchen staple. We promise you’ll be able to taste the difference.



Make sure to bring a fresh baguette to their tasting room, and pick up a bottle of their Lemon Oil and their Habanero Oil! So so good! Contact them here for tasting information!

Cali Virgin

13950 Thornton Rd, Lodi, CA 95242

(209) 210-3162

We also want to thank Visit Lodi for making this amazing trip possible for us! Without them, we would not have known about this spectacular family owned business!

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