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8 Cute California Towns with a Charming Main Street

8 Cute California Towns with a Charming Main Street

Get your bucket list ready, cause these cute little towns are perfect for your next California road trip! 

Different people have different preferences on how they want to live their life and we totally respect that. Some enjoy the busy and fast paced life in a bigger city, some choose a slow and laid back feel of a smaller town. Some people move and transfer to different towns not only because of economic or social reasons but also because they would want to live in the lifestyle one town has to offer.

Among other things, a city or town's main street is one of the first place every visitor goes to when they travel to another city. Whether its a weekend trip looking for food and activities to enjoy or someone looking for inspiration from new towns and people or people looking for places to settle in, you definitely shouldn't miss the top things a destination has to offer in the center of their town.

If you're looking for towns with charming, vibrant and even eclectic Main Street, then this is the perfect list for you.

8 Cute California Towns with Charming Main Street




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Pasadena's Main Street is in Colorado Boulevard. It is also known as Old Pasadena, or Old Town, depending on who you ask. The mixture of modern and historic architecture scattered throughout the area add on to the distinct vibe of Pasadena's original downtown.

The eclectic historic district features more that 300 businesses. So you will never run out of things to do, shops to see, restaurant to try and it offers entertainment and activities for all ages.

Pasadena can be described in so many ways and while they are only 10 miles away from Los Angeles, this town has its own authentic character and vibrant vibe that you shouldn't miss.




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Pleasanton's downtown main street is a historic business district which is home to almost 700 businesses which ranges from service providers, shopping boutiques and instagrammable spots for a bite to eat.

Although a short trip from San Francisco, Pleasanton gives you the feeling of being transported to another world because of its quaint and small-town vibe, miles away from the hustle of the city. It is a picture perfect place for residents and visitors.



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Santa Monica Main Street is a dream for travelers who enjoys vibrant colors, character and lovely locals who welcomes people like changing tides.

By day, it's a favorite of up-at-dawn residents who long for coffee after a sunrise surf sessions or locals who patronize eclectic businesses with their dogs and children in tow. Visitors can easily join in, filling an afternoon with laid-back patio-lined cafes with boutiques. At night, a mix of options of trendy restaurants and watering holes glow for nightlife lovers.




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This quaint SoCal city is also known as Spanish Village by the Sea. The main street is a trip back into the 60's with quality restaurants, quaint chocolate shop, clothing boutiques and shoe stores all kinds of things to look at.

The village buildings features Spanish Colonial architecture which will make you stop and enjoy its character.



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Located on Camino Del Mar, the historic Del Mar village boast its seaside destination that captures local flavors; with over 60 shops and restaurants, there is something new to see on every corner.

6) AVALON (Catalina Island)


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Crescent Avenue, or Avalon's Main street is a quaint and beach side strip which means anyone who visits can enjoy the island living along with colorful and vibrant local restaurants and shops. In the afternoon, the street lights up giving the story books feels that is perfect for strolling, hanging out and people watching.

The city of Avalon is located on Catalina Island (Santa Catalina Island) one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California.



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Mission Street could very well be Solvang's Main Street but Alisal Road and Copenhagen Drive are strong contenders for the title. Don't be surprised if you will be immediately transported to a little Danish Village once you visit this place. You will not only see and enjoy an actual windmill (not just prop or decoration) but will enjoy the smell freshly baked delicacies coming from one of many Danish bakeries.

8)  Glendora Village


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While other towns boast tall palm trees, this town's main street adds charm to its town with its perfectly placed Ficus Tree. Nestled in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains, this vibrant town hosts dozens of restaurants, boutiques and cafes along Glendora Avenue. 


Whatever you feel like doing, or how fast or slow paced you move, there will always be something in store for you. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other charming main streets we missed!

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